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Adolescent experts Hazel McKenzie and Suzanne Kerr combine their strengths and extensive experience in adolescent psychology and development, education of teenagers and parent education. Their aim is to bring parental focus back to what matters, parental self-efficacy and parental confidence. The positive impact on relationships and families can be life changing when parents feel confident in their own parenting.

By sharing knowledge and building connections, The Parent Code will strengthen parents capacity to meet the demands of the most important role of their lives – Parenting.

Hazel McKenzie

BA (hons) Psychology UK
High school English teacher for 20 years
Accredited Supervisor (Aust. Board of Psychology)
Owner of Hazel McKenzie Psychology and Change Rooms
Mother of two
Head of Pastoral Care and School Psychologist

Hazel has worked in and with schools for twenty year as a teacher, school psychologist and leader. She currently runs her own psychology practice where sh specialises in working with adolescents and young adults and she is passionate about preventative work in the area of wellbeing.

Hazel also works with school staff in pastoral care professional development as well as with large groups of young people in workshops and seminars focusing on self-development and mental health. A parent herself, her warmth, wit and wisdom make her a wonderful presenter who is easy to relate to while being practical and authentic.

Suzanne Kerr

BA Dip Ed Macquarie University
High School teacher for over 30 years
Masters of Education in Adolescent Wellbeing
Mother of three daughters
Head of Senior College of an Independent Girls School

The combination of a Masters of Student Well-being from Melbourne University, 30 years of teaching and raising three children, equips Suzanne with the knowledge, experience and expertise to address the social, emotional and academic domains of raising adolescents.

A passionate educator, Suzanne believes that empowering parents and strengthening the link between the school and the parent community is key to protecting and raising capable and resilient children.

An experienced presenter Suzanne’s successful communication skills stems from her ability to address issues with realism and humour. Her fundamental goal is to ensure parents feel empowered with knowledge, skill and strategies.

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Our Seminars & Workshops walk parents through several stages of adolescent development, discussing normal trajectories and how these manifest at school, an unknown landscape for many parents.

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