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Adolescent experts Hazel McKenzie and Suzanne Kerr run Workshops and Seminars using their strengths and extensive experience in adolescent psychology and development, education of teenagers and parent education. Their aim is to bring parental focus back to what matters, parental self-efficacy and parental confidence with knowledge, support, tools and validation.

“Parents, carers and families are the first and most important influence in a child’s life, instilling the attitudes and values that will support young people to participate in schooling and contribute to broader local and global communities”
Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals
for Young People


Hazel and Suzanne walk parents through several stages of adolescent development, discussing normal trajectories and how these manifest at school, an unknown landscape for many parents. Discussion of developmental trends, normal and necessary challenges are discussed with a particular focus on building parental capacity using a strengths based approach. Seminars cater to the cohort of families they are working with and address the individual school culture within the community.

Large groups
Interactive participation
Balance of theory and practice
Real life scenarios
Practical skill and strategies
Core themes: Communication, Setting Boundaries & Changing Relationships

The Next Step

Best Foot forward
What parents need to know in preparation for the transition to high school.
This seminar is designed to inform parents of the changes that their child will experience in the first two years of high school.

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Workshops provide an opportunity for parents to share their experiences in a smaller group while exploring and learning strategies that will build their individual parental capacity. The workshops can be designed around a broad range of themes, such as;
Setting boundaries
Changing relationships
Transition to Year 7
Supporting and guiding the Year 12 student
Parenting Post School Workshops
Smaller groups ( up to 30 members)
Practical skills and strategies
Individualised strengths and skills
Real life scenarios
Pre-reading and follow up

Adolescent Development

Trying to fit in…If the shoe fits
This workshop provides an opportunity to collaborate with other parents to manage the inevitable changes in relationships that you and your daughters will both encounter. By attending you will gain a deeper understanding and clearer perspective of all that lies ahead in the area of friendships – the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Setting Boundaries

Toe to Toe
This workshop will reconnect you with the capacity and confidence in your own parenting that you may have lost. There will be a strong focus on boundary setting and sharing with other parents what works. Learn how to establish strong collective parenting codes that will reduce risk taking. You will learn how to apply the brakes when your daughter can’t.

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The Art of Communication

Knowing how to talk..and when to listen
This workshop addresses the challenges of communication within the 21st century and how this impacts your confidence as a parent. We will work together, through the use of examples and scenarios, to give insight into authentic and effective ways to communicate. After attending you will have a greater appreciation of the art and skill of knowing of when and how to talk, listen and hold the line.

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Hazel and Suzanne are able to develop a workshop to meet the needs of any parent topic.
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